What are the customized solutions for silicone products?
Pubdate: 2021-06-11
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The first scheme: look at the sample, which is a common customization scheme in customized silicone parts, and it is also a kind of non-technical content. This kind of sample customization generally mainly depends on the appearance and use of the sample to copy and imitate one to one.

The second option: For photo evaluation and customization, this kind of customization is a relatively common custom solution that needs to be solved at present. Many people can only hand-draw a sketch to carry out deeper communication and design, and achieve a silicone product they want through communication between silicone product manufacturers and customers. However, this kind of solution is not good. Because everyone has different ideas and wants to customize according to the picture, the success rate of this kind of scheme is not high.

The third option: This kind of plan is the most effective one with the highest success rate so far, because it is convenient to communicate with the drawing and realize the transaction customization quickly. But one key point is that both sides must have technical personnel so that the communication can be completed quickly. To the housing also need to draw according to the housing to the desired silicone products to meet the requirements of filling, matching and so on.

The fourth solution: to the thought of customization, perhaps to the thought of customization of this concept is not quite understood by many people, but as a silicone products company Guangying has been realized for a number of guests to the thought of customization. This is actually very easy to understand, what kind of product the customer wants to make, what functions are required and so on, we can draw drawings for confirmation according to these requirements, then open the mold and make samples and mass production to realize customized processing.

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