Is the safety of silicone placemats high?
Pubdate: 2021-10-25
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Food grade silica gel placemats can be seen everywhere in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. Silica gel placemats are widely used in daily life and life. Next, the new fan shun silica gel products factory will take you to know it!

Safety of food-grade silicone placemats? Silica gel placemats are made of food-grade silica gel. Food-grade silica gel products have been widely used in the fields of infants, medicine, daily necessities and so on. To be sold in Korea, they must pass the GB food safety certification. European and American countries have to pass FDA, SGS and so on.

Custom silicone placemats USES the food grade silica gel raw material processing, has a certain soft rebound, can be long-term tensile resilience, thermal effect can reach more than two hundred poison, heat-resistant, completely and soft texture can be arbitrary distorted tensile deformation, ageing resistance, long service life, but in terms of appearance can be customized different colors and patterns, convenient cleaning, can be used repeatedly.

Silicone placemats of various unique shapes and beautiful appearance patterns can be customized. Silica gel has high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability and soft texture and other excellent characteristics, these are other materials can not be achieved. The ever-changing silicone placemat can be applied to all kinds of occasions and is loved by people

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