Is silicone kneading pad easy to use?
Pubdate: 2021-09-10
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Silicone kneading pad is a very popular kitchen appliance in recent years. Its soft and foldable nature makes it easy to fold up. Very space-saving compared to wood panels. It is a very practical kitchen appliance. But there are always people who think that silicone kneading pads, which can be made into various colors, are toxic.
Silica gel kneading pad can be made into a variety of colors, because in the refining of silica gel raw materials added to the color of the cream. You can add any color cream to the kneading pad you want. But silica gel paste and silica gel raw materials are safe and non-toxic. Silicone kneading pad in the production process is not any toxic substances to join. The finished products can also pass FDA, LFGB certification testing. So silicone kneading pad do not have to worry about its safety. It is harmless and safe.
How to choose silica gel kneading pad manufacturers?
1, look at the factory scale: this is the most basic embodiment of the enterprise to ensure productivity, there is no scale, there is no production.
2, look at silica gel processing equipment: regular silica gel processing plants have more professional and more perfect equipment.
3, look at the offer: the offer is not final, are the result of mutual consultation.
4, look at the quality of the enterprise: any enterprise only with a simple understanding is not completely see the quality.
5, look at the degree of cooperation: from production to packaging, shipping, after-sales and other links to cooperate.

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